Hi!-population (Breakbeat/House)

Tuesday 17th March 2020.

Source “Hi!-population is a French producer and DJ for over 15 years, he’s got a sharp taste for anything in groove and breaks, with strong kick and bass He’s the founder of “”, the main breakbeat hub in France. Buy at Since the release of his widely acclaimed official remix of “Yo! Majesty […]

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Hi!-population (Live band)

Monday 16th March 2020.

Live band You can listen here a selection of tracks played and recorded in my own studio between 2004-2011 (guitare, keyboards, drums, percussions, samples, turntables…). Hi!-Population feat. Elise Taylor Various tracks recorded with the British singer Elise Taylor. Recorded in my studio in 2008.

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Acktarus (Live band)

Monday 9th March 2020.

“Acktarus” was a Trip-Hop band active between 1998-2000 in Normandie, France. The trio was composed by Fred Nez (Singer), Marina Quaisse (Cello) and me (Sampler, computer, guitar). After we did a dozen of shows in Normandie, we released our first and unique EP “Glad to be…” in 2000 after the band split in 2001. You […]

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