How to add icons to Sitecore sections, without a single line of code.

Friday 10th April 2020.

Most of the time, when you want to customize Sitecore sections, the way to go is to edit the corresponding section template, change the “Sortorder” field and give it a nice display name.

Recently, I had to do this is one of my projects, when I started tweaking one of the Template section, I noticed an “Icon” field under the Appearance section, up the “Sortorder” field. I immediately thought, “Hey cool! I can customize the look and feel of my sections by adding an icon! My clients will love that.”

I was wrong, after playing with it for 1 hour, I had to admit that I will never see an icon in my sections. I gave it a try on Google and eventually found out that the “Icon” field in the Template Section is deprecated. What a frustration! 🙁

The solution: Emojis 🙂

The solution that came to my mind is to use an Emoji in your Display Name. This will nicely replace an icon and nowadays, you have a large choice of Emoji with high cross-browser compatibility. I personally used or Of course, this is not as flexible as using your own icons but I think it nicely does the job. Here is the final result in Sitecore:

Template Section: edit Display name by adding your Emoji
Final result in Sitecore!
Sitecore Section with a meaningful icon!