Multi-sites, new icons, media library redesign and much more …. Sitecore Author Toolbox 6.0 is out!

Thursday 18th March 2021.

I’m super excited to release version 6.0 of my Sitecore browser extension. This one is a big release with lots of new features and improvement for Sitecore users. Whether you are a developer or a contributor, I’m sure you will find something useful for you!
Just below you will find the list of new features and UX improvements as well as some screenshots and explanations. Don’t hesitate to send me feedback on or by writing a review on the Chrome Web Store


  1. Live Urls: Multi-sites configuration
  2. Live Urls: Multi-languages configuration
  3. Media Library: New card view (Content Hub inspired)
  4. Media Library: Lightbox with actions
  5. Media Library: Instant search in folders
  6. Experience Editor: Search a rendering
  7. Experience Editor: default text highlighter
  8. Template builder: query suggestions (SXA) Thanks to @MichaelWest101 🙂
  9. Quick Info: enhanced with more info
  10. Options: Save your configured sites (import/export .json)


  1. Experimental UI: New Sitecore icons
  2. Experimental UI: New Experience Editor toolbar
  3. Experimental UI: Dark mode updated (dark night palette)
  4. Launchpad: New Sitecore 10.1 extension icon

Live Urls can now handle multi-sites and multi-languages

It has been a long-awaited feature, you can now configure the Live Urls module by telling it which domain should be used for each of your Sitecore sites. You also have the ability to give a different domain based on the language version. You can also completely remove language embedding if not needed or decide where the language code should be inserted by using the token {lang} in the URL.

Site detection for an easy configuration.

A site detection mechanism has been added. As soon as the extension detects a new site, you will be prompted whether or not you want to set up a Live Url for this one.

Last but not least, the configuration of your sites can be exported in a .JSON file so you can share it with your colleagues or source code it to make it available to all your team.

Media library card view

Since the initial release of Media Library list view, the default grid view needed a little revamp. This is now done. A brand new design is available to allow more clarity and readability. It has been inspired by the Sitecore Content Hub card view so people who are using both will get the same look and feel 🙂

Lightbox, Instant search in media folders

A Lightbox component is now available to the media library. It will help you navigate through your assets (keyboard navigation supported). Whether it’s images, video, pdf or any other documents, the Sitecore Lightbox will give you the ability to preview it, copy its path or download it very easily.

Instant Search in a media folder allows you to quickly find a search for any assets based on its name.

Experimental UI Theme: final stage of dev!

I’ve put lot of effort into Experimental UI, by fine-tuning and refining it for both content editor and experience editor. I now have the feeling that Experimental UI mode is now mature enough that it can really be used on a daily basis. And you know what, maybe will get a little rebranding soon just to set in stone that Experimental Mode is not Experimental anymore.

I’ve also added a new set of Google Material Icons into Sitecore. All the icons are beautifully designed, SVG optimised, lazy loaded, hi-density screen ready and light so you can take all the benefits of your GPU hardware acceleration since Google release Chrome 89. Again, from a contributors perspective, less colours will help to focus more on what is important: content creation. Take a look, it is absolutely gorgeous on a retina display!

Fully compatible with Sitecore 10.1

All the features have been tested with the latest Sitecore 10.1, and it is already compatible with the new Launchpad and SXA icons in renderings. Talking about the new launchpad, I’m glad to see that Sitecore UI is evolving with new SXA components icons, a new launchpad etc… but frankly speaking, I’m a bit disappointed because the new icons and theme are non-retina display friendly. I though in 2021 it is one of the basic requirements when you do UI changes.

If you haven’t installed it yet, go to Google Web Store and install it from here.

I hope you will enjoy this version. Don’t hesitate to send me your feedback here.