🚀 Sitecore Author Toolbox 1.7 is there! With a bunch of new features…

Wednesday 18th March 2020.

Thanks for using Sitecore Author Toolbox!

Here is the list of new features that are now available via the extension menu/options.

Sitecore Author Toolbox logo

What’s new in 1.7

Tabs section mode

Tabs in Sitecore content editor

HTML editor with color syntax

HTML Editor: color syntax, auto-correction, auto-tags

How to activate those features?

Sitecore Author Toolbox option menu

You can directly activate new features from the extension menu. Check the boxes of the feature you want to activate, scroll down and clic save.

If you like this extension. just take 5 minutes to review it on Chrome Web Store, it’s will keep me motivated for future releases and improve the visibility of the extension on Google Chrome Web Store.

You can also send me a message on Twitter or star the repo on Github. You can even become a contributor if you want to help!

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