Sitecore Author Toolbox 3.0 is here! with a new Media Library on steroids!

Thursday 10th September 2020.

Summer is almost over and it thought it would be a good time for a new major release of Sitecore Author Toolbox extension. This 3.0 version puts the focus on Sitecore Media library and comes with a shiny new list view for your media library folders.

Note: Screenshots and video recording below have been made with Experimental UI mode activated.

Sitecore Media Library, upgraded.

This is just not about having a new fancy view, this is also about getting new information on your screen like file size and file type name.

Sort by any columns

You will also get the ability to sort by columns dynamically so it becomes easy and quick to order all your medias by name, file size, type, usage, validation and dimensions, without the need of using Sitecore sorting options.

Sitecore Sorting Media Librairy
Sorting columns in folders

Adjust thumbnails size

A slider will also give you the ability to change the size of the thumbnails, so it’s easier to find a item.

Resize thumbnails

Perform quick actions

Moreover, this view brings quick ways to perform common actions like:

  1. Rename an item (double click)
  2. Delete an item
  3. Publish an item
  4. Download an item
Quick actions (Download, Publish, Delete)
Double click to rename an item

Switch between views

Finally, you will also have the choice to switch between classic view (grid) and list view, as well as changing the size of thumbnails with the help of a slider.

You can still switch from List to Grid view (Sitecore default)

Also in this release…

This release also comes with a bunch of fixes for the Experimental UI mode, Dark mode is now available for the experimental UI mode too!

By default, the Sitecore Drag and Drop dialog window is available without the need to activate an option in the extension.

I really hope you will love this one. You can download it at Google Web Store.

Thanks a lot to all the people who helped on testing the new features. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter

On a side note, we have reached +500 users! Thanks everyone for your support and feedback!

Stay safe and take care!