Wednesday 18th March 2020.

Smartvisite™ is a french Startup company I co-founded in 2007 with Thomas Findeis. The company was funded by 2 french investors group and was specialized in innovative cloud digital products for real estate agencies. We were selling automated video, virtual visits, automated websites, APIs and social media apps. in 2016

Smartvisite™ was distributed in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and the UK. The company was working closely with the biggest international real estate groups to define the future of the real estate digital search.

As the technical leader of the company, I was in charge of defining the product roadmap and developing it with my team. I had to direct manage 6 collaborators (recruitment / onboarding / formation / evaluation).

I was also responsible for the global architecture design (+/-20 servers) and the selection of the cloud hosting platform (Rackspace Partner). You can find out more about our collaboration with Rackspace cloud platform in my Interview at Rackspace Blog (

Business model

We had a B2B business model and it was based on a subscription. Meaning our customers had to pay a recurring price on a monthly/yearly basis to access our products.

The subscription was payable by direct debit and I was in charge of building and maintaining the integration with multiple banks (auto-generate and transfer of a monthly batch of direct debits & other financial operation using Cfonb, Sepa European standard)

Key figures

• 4,500,000+ videos created
• 25,000 automated websites
• 1,500 customers worldwide
• 500,000+ video views per month
• Available in 4 languages


Previsite acquired 100% of Smartvisite™ to become the European leader on the real-estate video segment (June 2016). The products are now available at

You can read the acquisition press announcement here (in French)